About Me

By trade I am an Electrrical Engineer but I have always had a keen interest in Photography, right from middle school.  Mostly I am interested in photographing sporting events, landscapes and animals, but am now concentrating on portrait and studio photography, including product photos.  Photographying wildlife is pleasing and generally they cooperate well (except the Seagulls!).  Photographying the human animal is quite a different thing.  They know there is a camera about and what it's for.  That's why I'm behind it!

We have a local grist mill that seems to be a main focus of mine these days - it's close and reasonably attractive, and the staff are something beyond excellent!  There is also wildlife there ranging from the usual and expected ducks to seagulls, geese, heron and once I even saw an Osprey.  There are also beaver there, but this is Canada so beaver are everywhere (ahem...).

Photographying subjects in natural light is always preferred but sometimes you don't have that option so I've been working with low natural light and using flash and studio lighting as well.  I prefer to handhold the camera but will use a tripod when necessary.

My goal is to take the perfect photo from both a technical and artistic point of view.  I realize that's not possible, but I'll keep trying until I'm happy, and then will try some more.

If you would like an event, portrait or product photographed, drop me a line.  All the photos in the gallery are also available as prints, matted and framed (or not) at very reasonable rates.

Phone: 613-863-3515
email: james@jameswattphoto.com